Frequently Asked Questions

What should my child wear to class?
Leotards or bike shorts are appropriate for girls.
Jewelry must not be worn in the gym.
Rings, hoop earrings, belts and big barrettes must not be worn.
Hair must be tied up!
Boys may wear T-shirt and shorts or sweatpants.
Jeans or anything with snaps, zippers or clips are not appropriate clothing items as they are not safe.
When glasses are worn, a safety strap is recommended-there is a lot of flight and rotation involved. 
Can my child make up a missed class?
If a class must be missed due to illness or conflict with homework or vacation, a make-up will be allowed.
Please check with the office staff for availability in the class, and schedule a make-up class with the front desk.
Make-ups are to be made within the pay period/session of the missed class. Only two make-ups per session are allowed.
When my child is in class, is there a place his or her sibling can go?

Siblings/friends are not allowed on the gymnastics floor. There is a lobby to hang out in and seating available for families with siblings or friends who come to watch.