Preschool ages through high school. We are looking for a dependable
individual with the ability to work well with co-workers and
management in a team environment. Must be available to work evenings
with a variable schedule, including some weekend hours (optional). The gym is
currently open Mon, Tues, & Thurs 5-8:30 p.m.

Whether you want to work one night per week or three nights, we will
find a schedule that works for you. Previous coaching or competitive
gymnastics experience required. Potential pay depends on experience and
qualifications. If you are interested, please email your resume' to [email protected] or call 612-390-1149 for more information.

Dynamic Flights Gymanstics is looking for an experienced high school gymanstics coach.

Dynamic Flights Gymnastics (DFG) is seeking an experienced coach to train our high school gymnasts in the off-season.
Schedule: 2-3 days/week, evening hours, some weekends as needed
Salary/Wages: $15-$25+/hour (based on experience) travel compensation negotiable
Additional earning opportunities available.
Position Detail:
Previous high school or competitive gymnastics coaching experience required
High-level spotting skills required
Knowledge of Minnesota State High School gymnastics rules and regulations desirable

General Skills: Leadership – Self-motivated, but also a team player. Confidently leads groups. Knowledge – Develops a strong understanding of gymnastics concepts. Utilizes appropriate skill progressions & development, and knows all associated terminology. Communication – Demonstrates strong communication skills with parents & students, fellow coaches, and office staff & management.

What should my child wear to class?
Leotards or bike shorts are appropriate for girls.
Jewelry must not be worn in the gym.
Rings, hoop earrings, belts and big barrettes must not be worn.
Hair must be tied up!
Boys may wear T-shirt and shorts or sweatpants.
Jeans or anything with snaps, zippers or clips are not appropriate clothing items as they are not safe.
When glasses are worn, a safety strap is recommended-there is a lot of flight and rotation involved.
Can my child make up a missed class?
If a class must be missed due to illness or conflict with homework or vacation, a make-up will be allowed.
Please check with the office staff for availability in the class, and schedule a make-up class with the front desk.
Make-ups are to be made within the pay period/session of the missed class. Only two make-ups per session are allowed.
When my child is in class, is there a place his or her sibling can go?

Siblings/friends are not allowed on the gymnastics floor. There is a lobby to hang out in and seating available for families with siblings or friends who come to watch.

Xcel Team
The Xcel Program is designed to offer an opportunity for girls of all levels an affordable competitive experience outside the traditional program.  Xcel is a great option for girls interested in taking the next step in gymnastics. Learn more about USA Gymnastics Xcel Program.
Our goal is to ensure the competitive program is affordable to those who wish to participate. In addition to monthly fees, expenses will include team leotard and warm-ups, USA Gymnastics registration fee, individual meet fees, and additional coaches fees.
Fundraising is available throughout the year to help defray costs. If you have ideas for fundraising, please feel free to contact us.

Xcel gymnasts commit to a year-round training schedule. Our expectation is that their commitment to their training is a very high priority. Attendance and punctuality are very important.
How is Xcel different from the Jr. Olympic (J.O.) Program?
First of all the commitment to time in the gym is far less than the J.O. Program.  Xcel athletes may spend less time in the gym, but still get to enjoy competing and being part of a gymnastics team. Second, each Xcel participant can create their routines based on the skills they know and are confident with.
Is my gymnast ready for competition?
Our coaching staff will assess your gymnast's skills throughout the year and make a recommendation when skill progression indicates a student is ready. If you believe your gymnast is ready and he or she shows the desire to compete, please talk to the staff. A skill assessment can be given at any time.

​Gymnasts who are invited to participate with Pre-Team class will be preparing to join the competition team the following year. This is an opportunity for recreational gymnasts to determine if they are ready for the commitment required as an Xcel Team gymnasts.
If you gymnast is interested in joining the Pre-Team class, please ask to set up a skill assessment with Coach Indigo.