Preschool & Recreational Gymnastics Program

At Dynamic Flights, we strive to create a fun, positive learning environment for everyone! Gymnastics classes are a great way to help children develop physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Our preschool program has two levels and is for young children who are independent and ready to explore the world of gymnastics.

Our school-age recreational program has four-levels and is perfect for complete beginners and gymnasts with experience. Students will progress through the program at their own pace. Classes are mainly divided by skill level, but age is considered.

Key Points of the Preschool Program
  • Our Preschool classes are for independent 3-5 year-olds.
  • Our Preschool Program is divided into two levels: Preschool I and II.
  • We believe in small class ratios to ensure safety and individual attention.
  • Our Preschool Program is designed to help your child develop large and small motor skills in a fun, safe environment. These small gymnasts learn basic gymnastics shapes and skills, while also learning to follow instructions, interact with others, take turns, and have fun!
  • Our Preschool classes begin with a short five to ten-minute warm-up where students practice different walks, learn gymnastics shapes and positions, sing songs, and stretch. After a warm-up, the students complete two to three different circuits in each class. A typical circuit consists of several stations that teach basic skills and concepts for each gymnastics event as well as obstacles that help develop balance, hand-eye coordination, and body awareness.

Key Points of the Recreational Program
  • Our Recreational classes are for school-aged children.
  • Our Recreational Program is divided into four levels that range from absolute beginner to more advanced gymnasts.
  • We believe in small class ratios to ensure safety and individual attention.
  • Our Recreational Program teaches skills in a logical progression, moving from basics to more complex skills based on each child's ability and mental readiness.
  • Gymnasts advance through the program at their own pace. Do not be alarmed if your gymnast repeats a level. It is completely normal for a gymnast to repeat a level, as these skills take time to master.
  • Gymnasts do not always see progress with their skills every week. In fact, some skills take many months to master. This can be frustrating for your child and you, however, it is important to encourage your gymnast to not give up. There is nothing more rewarding than achieving a difficult goal.
  • Gymnastics is a sport of repetition. In every level of gymnastics from complete beginner to top competition levels, gymnasts practice basic skills.
  • Our Recreational classes use a variety of drills, strength training, and spotted stations to help your gymnast progress.
  • Our Recreational classes begin with a ten to fifteen-minute warm-up where students complete a variety of stations that include: cardio, strength training, and stretching. It is very important that gymnasts complete a warm-up before beginning event rotations for injury prevention and to help develop the necessary strength to achieve more complex skills.
  • The warm-up is followed by two or three event rotations where gymnasts rotate through stations for that specific event. The coaches will use a variety of techniques to help your child progress.

How Our Program is Set Up
  • We currently offer two sessions: School Year (33 Weeks) and Summer (8 Weeks).
  • We have found that gymnasts are more successful when they practice year long. Gymnastics is a sport of muscle memory and repetition; it takes a lot of practice to learn new skills.
  • We encourage our students to consider signing up for a second class. Students learn faster when they are practicing twice per week. We offer a 10% discount for signing up for the second night of classes.
  • Gymnasts are evaluated twice in the school year session and once in the summer session.