Team Track & Competitive Gymnastics

Dynamic Flights Gymnastics participates in the Xcel Program through USA Gymnastics.

Team Track (Invite Only)
Dynamic Flights has three levels of Team Track classes: Starlettes, Dynamos, & Pre-Team. These classes are designed to prepare your gymnast for competitive gymnastics.

Xcel Team (Invite Only)
Dynamic Flights has three Xcel classes currently: Bronze, Silver, and Gold! The Competiton Teams are a year-long commitment and gymnasts participate in five to seven meets each season.

About the Xcel Program

Xcel Team
The Xcel Program is designed to offer an opportunity for girls of all levels an affordable competitive experience outside the traditional program.  Xcel is a great option for girls interested in taking the next step in gymnastics.
Our goal is to ensure the competitive program is affordable to those who wish to participate. In addition to monthly fees, expenses will include team leotard and warm-ups, USA Gymnastics registration fee, individual meet fees, and additional coaches fees.
Fundraising is available throughout the year to help defray costs. If you have ideas for fundraising, please feel free to contact us.

Xcel gymnasts commit to a year-round training schedule. Our expectation is that their commitment to their training is a very high priority. Attendance and punctuality are very important.
How is Xcel Different from the
Jr. Olympic (J.O.) Program?
First of all the commitment to time in the gym is far less than the J.O. Program.  Xcel athletes may spend less time in the gym,
but still
, get to enjoy competing and being part of a gymnastics team. Second, each Xcel participant can create their routines based on the skills they know and are confident with.


Interested in Our Program?


If you are interested in learning more about our Team Track Classes or our Competition Teams, please fill out an inquiry form so we can get in contact with you!

We will be hosting an informational meeting about our program this Spring. More information will be available soon.

This year we will be having team tryouts for gymnasts who are interested in joining our Team Track classes or one of our competition teams. More information will be available soon.